The 2020 American Green Card Lottery Program

2020 American Green Card Visa Lottery Review

How can you apply for the 2020 green card lottery online?

Welcome to the 2020 US diversity visa program information site also known as American green card visa lottery or diversity visa program, where we have reviewed the American green card application by popular demand.

This 2020 diversity visa green card lottery review is based on information gathered after research has been conducted to know some of the trusted websites for the American green card lottery program.

Do you want to apply for the 2020 American visa lottery, but you are not sure if you are eligible for the program? Do you need trusted information on the 2020 diversity visa green card? We urge you to continue to read.

Annually, the US Government grants 50 thousand diversity visas, known as American government green card lottery, to allow permanent residence of people from other countries to have the opportunity to live you deserve in the United States.

The Visa Lottery is a random draw selected by a computer process, which allows those selected to obtain a permanent residence visa to the United States.

The dv 2020 lottery registration official USA green card lottery program allows you to live, work, study, do business and citizenship in USA if selected.

The good news about the diversity visa green card lottery is that it gives the selected the opportunity to enjoy the life deserved in the United States, with exceptional education standard in a thriving economy with world-class healthcare.

If you are a student looking to live and work in the US, you can also apply for this program that will afford you the opportunity to live and work in the USA.


How and where can you apply for diversity visa green card lottery?

There are several websites that claim to be agents for the green card lottery but have actually turned out to be untrusted.

After a committed research by our team, we as a credible website to apply for the 2020 green card dv lottery program.  

With years of experience and credibility, has been able to assist many in processing the diversity visa green card lottery free of charge. is owned by a EU company with an affiliated law firm for the processing of the DV application.

You can visit the website today and fill in your information on the page.

Click Here To apply for green card lottery free

Countries That Are Excluded from the 2020 American Visa Lottery Registration are As Follows:

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland only), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland), Vietnam.

If your country is part of the above listed, it means you are not eligible to apply for US visa lottery.


Benefits of the American Government Green Card Lottery with GCL experts:

–         24/7 access to your application for changes and updates.

–         Application review for matching your application to all the governmental requirements.

–         Accurate and timely submission of your application to the U.S Green Card lottery program.

–         Photo standardization and electronic submission conforming to U.S Government standards.

–         Year-round customer service support available in multiple languages. is a Green Card Lottery Experts’ Service that offer a 24/7 access to your application for changes and updates, application for matching your application to all the government requirements, keeping accurate and timely submission of your application to the U.S Green Card lottery program and other such services.


How is the application sent?

The visa application is sent online. Click Here To apply.

What are the requirements?

It is useful to have a diversified degree or its equivalent or two years of work experience in the last five years, according to the requirements of the United States Department of Labor. In the inscription, each participant must include the data of their spouse and children under 21 years of age.

Do I have to pay to participate in the lottery of the Visa Lottery?

It has no cost. Apply here>>> US dv lottery 2020

How do I know if I won a visa?

You will be contacted with the information you filled on the website.

Terms and condition found on the site:

Terms mentioned on the site are limited to DV-selected applicants who registered through and hired affiliated law firm to process their Green Card application.

Register for dv green card here



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