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Defeating Diabetes Kit Review

Is Defeating Diabetes Kit Scam or Real?

“Is Defeating Diabetes Kit scam? Welcome to the Defeating Diabetes Kit review for those who are suffering from diabetes or who can help people suffering from diabetes to get this guide(Defeating Diabetes Kit Yuri). Could Defeating Diabetes Kit be helpful for people who are diabetic? You will find out from this Defeating Diabetes Kit review.”
Are you diagnosed with diabetes or suffering from type 2 diabetes for years now? Will Defeating Diabetes Kit help you reverse your diabetic to living normal again?
Defeating Diabetes Kit Yuri Elkaim is said to have been proven to save eyes, kidneys, legs, nerves, heart and lifes from diabetes and that it is 100 percent safer than any diabetes drug, how true is this?
Yuri in Defeating Diabetes Kit makes it clear that though doctors advises any diabetes patients not to take starch, he claims that there are “mysterious super starch” that has been discovered to help in curing diabetes.
He agrees that starch can be bad for those who are diabetic, yet not all starch are equal according to him.
Yuri explains ” As you probably know, type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of kidney disease. Due to excess urination that occurs with diabetes, a significant loss of vitamin D is often seen as the kidneys become damaged.
And because of its vital role in bone health, heart health, and so much more a vitamin D-starved body is a ticking bomb.
However, a brand new 2014 study out of Iowa State University has shown that this mysterious white starch could save your kidneys and vitamin D status…and dramatically improve blood sugar control.
In this study, diabetic overweight subjects were fed either the control diet (cornstarch) or one in which cornstarch was replaced with this “super starch” for 6 weeks. The findings revealed that the “super starch” group reduced high blood sugar by 41% and prevented urinary loss of vitamin D!” for more information on this, go to the official download site presented below:

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From Defeating Diabetes Kit Yuri, you will learn exactly how to harness the power of resistant starch and also discover a host of other strategies for reversing your diabetes once and for all.
The good thing about Defeating Diabetes Kit is that you don’t need drugs or any expensive treatment. Defeating Diabetes Kit contains 100 % natural solutions that are safe and effective.

About the author

Yuri Elkaim is the creator of Defeating Diabetes Kit. He is a New York Times best selling author of The All Day Energy Diet. He is a renowned nutritionist, and he has helped more than 500,000 to gain amazing health over the past 15 years.

Basic facts of Defeating Diabetes Kit

Product name: Defeating Diabetes Kitsuper-starch-solution-book-cover-rendered-211

Author’s name: Yuri Elkaim

Product format: PDF

Bonus: Available

Official download page:Defeating Diabetes Kit download

Product category: Health and fitness

Gender: Both

Status: Trustworthy/ not hype or scam.

Customer support: Excellentdefeating-diabetes-kit-bundle-image-no-box1

Refund policy: 60 day money back guarantee

component #1 of Defeating Diabetes Kit Yuri is the super starch solution.

This part shows you the power of resistant starch for
helping you beat diabetes for good.
You will learn everything you need to know about resistant starch and how to make it work for you from today.
You will discover the 4 best food sources of resistant starch, how to prepare white foods to increase their level of resistant starch, the super convenient white powder that has more resistant starch than any food.

component #2 of Defeating Diabetes Kit is how to eat to beat diabetes.

Here, you will learn how type 2 diabetes is 100% reversible through lifestyle alone. This 43 page blueprint gives you the exact nutritional plan you need to defeat diabetes forever.
you will discover 14 delicious, nutritionally rounded and completely unique diabetes-friendly recipes which you can prepare at home in a matter of minutes. You don’t need any special ingredients or equipment. The good thing is that these meals taste good.
You will learn about Yuri’s proprietary “7 day rapid results” diabetes friendly meal plan. This is the easiest way and most direct to counter attack diabetes according to Yuri.
You will also discover specific nutrition guidelines for stabilizing your blood sugar and insulin levels, plus an updated list of all the best and healthiest low glycemic foods to enjoy, which release a slow and steady stream of energy into your body without sending your blood sugar levels up. This and more are what you will be getting from this part of the program.

Component #3 of Defeating Diabetes Kit is the 20 delicious diabetes recipes.

Here, you will learn that what you put in your mouth is vitally important for stabilizing your blood sugar and insulin levels. This part has 20 no-thinking required mouthwatering recipes that are 100 % diabetes-friendly.
All this recipes are based on whole foods that are all low on the glycemic index and quick to prepare so that you don’t have to be a slave to your kitchen.
You will enjoy an easy to make meals like: Morning Glory Omelette, Apple Orchard Oatmeal, Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and many more.

Component #4 of Defeating Diabetes Kit is the Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout

Here, you will learn be getting ground breaking exercises called “Iso Burn” that Yuri has created and this is unique because it involves no movement. No bending, twisting or anything that will excerbate body pain, yet it is effective for burning fat.
This helps to burn fat like an intense workout but without all the needed stress on your body. It will help you harness the power of static contractions which is also known as isometric training.
The good part of it is that you get this Iso burn in follow along audio and video format so that you will have Yuri as your virtual trainer to coach and motivate you each step of the way. Just do this quick workout 3 times per week from the comfort of your own home and experience the blood sugar balancing and fat burning benefit.


-No more needles
-No more expensive and dangerous diabetes medications
-No more finger pricking or test strips
-No more trips to the doctor for disappointing test after disappointing test
-No more frustration and embarrassment
-No more boring and tasteless diabetic friendly food
-No more feeling trapped or dependent on those you love.


You will not find this guide in any bookstore or anywhere else, it is only in downloadable format.


Drawing from facts, a 2005 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that adding just a few tablespoons worth of this sugar starch improved insulin sensitivity by 33 % after just 4 weeks.
The researchers also noted that fat accumulation was lower after the 4 weeks of receiving the super starch on a daily basis.
As you can see, Defeating Diabetes Kit by Yuri Elkaim is not a program that may have not been put to test as it is laced with enough fact to prove its authenticity.
Yuri’s Defeating Diabetes kit is a diabetes program that is for both male and female and you don’t need to move from where you are to any drug store to get the program.
From the order page, you can download it on your device and start get rid of your diabetes right away.

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