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Clubbell Yoga Action Potential Physical Therapy Review

Is Clubbell Yoga Action Potential Phases hype?

“Is clubbell yoga action potential physical therapy by Summer Huntington scam?” If you are one of those who are asking the question is Clubbell yoga action potential phases hype? We want you to read this review that we have carefully researched before bring it your way. This review is written as a guide for you to make a proper decision in your desire to order for clubbell yoga action potential by Summer Huntington.
The first thing we will like to bring to your notice is that there are some malicious sites that are using clubbell yoga action potential by Summer Huntington as a mask to promote their own product, because of the rising popularity of the program. How do you know sites like this? We have done the job for you by locating the official download page and you will find it from the links provided in this review.
Also, in the basic facts of clubbell yoga action potential therapy that you will find below, you will find a summary of information about this program. If you find something different from this, then it may be a red light.

What is Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential Summer Huntington really about?

First, we would like to ask you the following questions: would you like to have a greater ability to harness power? Do you desire to get better sleep that you really have not had for some time now? Is it your wish to want to learn to release tension chronically stored in your body but you really don’t know how to go about it? Have you tried everything to reduce pain in your joint without any success? Then continue to read to get information provided in clubbell yoga action potential conditioning exercise to see if it lines up with your situation.
Clubbell yoga action potential conditioning exercise is comprised of 6 full lengths follow along classes each with a focus on one or more of the 7 zones of mechanical advantage in the body. According to the author of the program, when you practice all six classes in order, you will bring balance to your entire system on both the musculoskeletal level and the more subtle energetic levels.
Now, you will quite agree with us that if anyone is making such claims, it is important to know who they are. This is true to our findings and we followed it up with getting information about the person that has made such claim.

Who is the author of Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential and why should you believe the author?

Summer Huntington is the creator of Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential. Summer created Clubbell Yoga in 2011, with the blessing of long time coach Scott Sonnon. She is a head coach for RMAX International and she is dedicated to teaching movement seminar all over the world.
She holds a masters in Kinesiology and has served as adjunct faculty member at WWU. Coach Summer has taught Clubbell Yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Victoria Yoga Conference and has contributed to Shape Magazine. Summer is currently the CEO of Fit Body Wellness, a premier private training and coaching studio established in 2009.
Find out more about what the program has to offer and what others are saying about the author in the official download link you will find below.

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According to Summer, most athlete’s reasons for not practicing yoga regularly or consistently are because they don’t like the spiritual component of yoga studios, they don’t feel challenged in yoga class, they don’t understand how to breathe properly in yoga class, they don’t feel very relaxed at the end of a yoga class, when everyone is in corpse pose and so on. Summer found out about this and found a way around it by creating a full-length Clubbell Yoga class that would allow even the most hard-bodied, non-yogi, lifters and everyday people to get that calm flow state during the practice.

Basic facts of Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential

Product name: Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential

Author’s name: Summer HuntingtonCLUBBELL YOGA PIX

Product format: Video guide

Bonus: Available

Official download page:Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential download

Product category: Health and fitness

Gender: Both

Status: Trustworthy/ not hype or scam.

Customer support: Excellent

Refund policy: 60 day money back guarantee

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential by Summer Huntington contains six full-length follow along classes, each class which is 75-90 minutes long begins with Awakening drills and flows that prime the specific movement patterns.The Second phase of  the class is conditioning, which comprises of 4 Clubbell Yoga conditioning exercises in 90/30 seconds work/rest ratio. Then comes the practice section that reinforces the previous sections with a weighted and unweighted yoga flow, complimentary to the zone of mechanical advantage presented.
Grounding flow: This conditioning exercises and flows focus on balance, endurance, and grounding. You will have to take it slow and breathe in deeply.7

Hip Fluidity Flow: This part of the program has to do with all types of hip mobilizing drills. conditioning exercises and hip opening flows.

Will Power Flow: Here, you are taken through various core strengthening conditioning exercises, twists, and poses that focus on the same.

Heart Opening Flow: Here, you are guided in practicing back bending and poses focused on spine flexibility.

Throat Opening Flow: You are guided here on neck mobility in all conditioning exercises and flows.

Intuition and Inner Knowing Flow: Here, Summer guides you through finding spinal alignment, practicing inversion and releasing fear.


Beware of scam sites that are using this program as a mask to promote theirs.
The program may be a little bit difficult for those who are new to yoga exercise.
Clubbell yoga action potential flow exercise is not a physical product that you may expect to be shipped down to you, it is a downloadable product
Clubbell yoga action potential cannot be found in stores, it is a digital downloadable program that you can only access through the official web page.


Clubbell yoga action potential Summer Huntington integrates traditional and classical asana with modern biomechanical principles of using clubs in movement practice.
Inside clubbell yoga action potential physical therapy, you will realize the potential of this practice and you will also get to understand how your body system works plus how to manage it to give you optimum results.
Yoga doesn’t only offer physical training, but it engages the inner and the outer part of the body, so that you can have harmony.
If you don’t have mini-clubbells for the program, you can expect a special 25% discount off any mini-clubbell, a single, or a pair of any weight. You can use the coupon you will find almost at the bottom of the web page for this.

Click to download Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential

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